Exploring some of Pittsburgh’s 446 bridges is even more freeing on a bike in your underwear. At least, that’s the consensus among the few hundred participants of the Pittsburgh Underwear Bike Ride. The announcement of the Underwear Ride season rivals even Kennywood’s in excitement. Today, renowned artist Scott Kowalski announced the first ride for 2024.

The first Pittsburgh Underwear Bike Ride of the year will take place on May 30th, 2024, at 7:30 PM. Participants will start at Butler and 46th Street in Lawrenceville, winding their way through downtown before embarking on a short tour of the South Side from the 10th Street Bridge. The route then heads down to the Terminal Building and across Smithfield Street, ending at Market Square. This is typically where the famous “We’re all in underwear!” photo is taken.

The ride concludes below Polish Hill at Brewer‘s, where participants can mingle and maybe even find love. The entire course covers around 8.7 miles and takes about an hour. Shortly after, the route for June will be announced. Future schedules can be found on the PGH Underwear Bike Ride Facebook Page.

There is only one rule for the Underwear Bike Ride: No Jags Allowed.

Participants won’t be judged based on their weight, whether their bike is electric, or if they can’t name the bridges they’re crossing. Whether your helmet is covered in stickers or pristine, you’ll be welcomed all the same. And for those who are not ready to strip down, there’s always Critical Mass Pittsburgh, which also offers clothed rides around our city’s landmarks.

Scott Kowalski, a renown visual artist, at the Pittsburgh Underwear Bike Ride. Credit: Foo Conner / The Pittsburgh Reporter

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