Angela Autumn may have moved to Nashville to chase big country dreams, but we won’t forget that she brought music to us at Bandi Schaum Community Garden (South Side) and Owl Hollow (Hazelwood) for years. She’s been a traveler on the road, her best friends being a well-stocked frame backpack and guitar. However, her new release sees Autumn exploring abstract realms.

The song “Electric Lizard” will appear on Angela Autumn’s fourth studio release. It represents a melodic progression for her and her music. She was always serious about music. By the age of twelve, Autumn was playing Simon and Garfunkle songs. She fell in love with Americana-Folk. Her music is fit for Mountain Stage. Now, a few albums older, she finds excitement in the writing personal stories into the songs.

Autumn wrote the song in the bathroom of American Legion Post 82 in Inglewood. She met a woman with wild banana-colored hair who exclaimed that her hair was colored “Electric Lizard.”

Before moving to Nashville, Autumn was a regular on stages across Pittsburgh. Now, her appearances are announced by show posters.

Like a comet, Angela Autumn will be returning to Pittsburgh on March 1st, 2024, to play at Mr. Small’s Fun House.

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