COhatch, an Ohio coworking space provider, has opened its third Pittsburgh coworking space this fall at the South Side Works. This opening is the third in the Pittsburgh market, following Shadyside and Waterfront, which opened earlier this year.

The South Side Works edition of COhatch boasts 37 private offices, 5 meeting spaces, and 50 coworking seats for drop-ins. More impressive is their event hall, which is still under construction. Like any coworking space, they offer coffee and Wi-Fi, but you must bring the ideas.

The commons area of COhatch at South Side Works has a throwback feel. Credit: Foo Conner / The Pittsburgh Reporter

If you’re new to the coworking concept, typically you pay a lower fee than renting out an entire office. This gets you access to space outside of the home for work. Like Church and State, many prefer their work life to be separate from their living situation. Consultants, freelancers, and realtors often prefer spaces like the one COhatch has created because it offers networking events, something home-based solopreneurs only get with cardinals or hummingbirds at their window.

Having been through many coworking spaces in the Midwest to Northeast, I can tell you a good coworking space is about finding your tribe. Who you want to work beside. COhatch may offer 24/7 | 365 access, but it only works when there are good people around. Early adopters of the South Side Works space have a chance to build their tribe, not just a business.

Wilson Morse, Co-founder of Green Bean, works at Cohatch coworking space in South Side Works. Credit: Foo Conner / The Pittsburgh Reporter

Unlike WeWork’s fast-paced hype space, COhatch hosts life events – no bitcoin required. COhatch is currently offering members free rentals for members’ birthday parties, bridal showers, and weddings, as long as there aren’t conflicting bookings. A typical wedding rental could cover the cost of two years of membership alone.

Coworking at COhatch @ South Side Works starts at $109 a month. For unlimited memberships, which grant you access during vampire hours, expect to pay around $270 monthly.

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