Rite Aid, the well-known pharmacy chain, is closing another 32 stores across the country. This includes two more stores in Pittsburgh. The company entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy in October and began sweeping closures across the nation.

The stores that are closing in Pittsburgh are at 623 Smithfield Street downtown and 4934 Second Avenue in Hazelwood. The downtown store is in the same building where Burlington Coat Factory used to be. Now, both big stores in that building will be empty.

The 1915 East Carson St. Rite Aid, shown in our lead photo, had closed last summer. The empty building still has the spectral “Wellness by Rite Aid” left over from the stickers in the window.

Rite Aid has been losing money for several years. This year, Rite Aid thinks their net loss will be up to $680 million. The company also faces major legal battles ahead from their role in the opioid crisis. Last year alone, they paid out over $30 million in a settlement in West Virginia.

Despite these problems, Rite Aid’s boss, Jeffrey Stein, says they have a plan. He expects to close underperforming locations across the board, which includes the two in Pittsburgh.

Rite Aid is trying to reassure the public it’s not going out of business. It will transfer prescriptions to other stores. However, for some Pittsburgh residents, they may have to travel farther for their local pharmacy.