Ruggers Pub and I.C. Light have teamed up to spread ‘Good Cheer.’ Together, they’ve rethemed the grizzled Ruggers Rugby Pub into a bright holiday bar that even Santa’s helpers would look forward to visiting after a long day at work. This marks the Fourth Annual Good Cheer, and the official holiday bar by Pittsburgh Brewing Company.

An I.C. Light Christmas Tree stands in the corner of Ruggers Pub in South Side. Credit: Foo Conner / The Pittsburgh Reporter

Saralynn Créatif held a low-key launch party last night, Saturday, November 25th, bringing out dive bar socialites like renowned lawyer Louis J. Kroeck, cyclist Paul Beaver, and the legendary rugby player Steve Walsh. The row of stools was filled with regulars and selfie-seekers. Christmas trimmings wrapped the bar like gifts beside a tree.

Ruggers is located beside the Birmingham Bridge. Its location is a reprieve from the East Carson Street chaos. The low-trafficked street is a treat for bringing a date. There were two couples there on their first date during the celebration.

You won’t have to wait to unwrap presents at Ruggers to feel the warmth of the holidays. ‘Good Cheer’ has a specialty menu running now through December. I.C. Lights are $3.25, and holiday cocktails are $6. It’s one of the best drink specials in town this holiday season.

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